5 Reasons to Trade Your Lash Extensions for LoveSeen Lashes

We get it. The switch seems daunting. Emphasis on “seems.”

1. Having someone a foot from your face doesn’t feel like the best thing right now.

If it did, Dr. Fauci would have a full set of C-curl volume lashes.

2. Rubbing your eyes feels so good.

Like toe-curling, making goat-noises, don’t-care-if-the-neighbors-hear-me good. The idea of not being able to rub your eyes for a week? It feels oppressive, frankly.

3. They keep your options open.

There are days where we don’t even know what we’re going to eat for dinner tonight, let alone what we’re going to want to look like next week! A strip lash lets you switch up your look as often as you want, no questions asked.

4. Two words: lash mites.


5. You get to be the boss.

Give in to your backseat driving instincts. They’re your eyes, after all. Using singles, like Inez, puts you in charge of your look.