Brown / Black
  • A blend of brown and black fibers
  • For fans of volume
  • Tapered fibers
  • Available in two colors
Fairly balanced, the ALOE offers a happy medium.
Lash Length
ALOE measures 7-11.5mm in length, which makes it fall right in the middle of our styles.
Short Long
ALOE is made with Synthetic Nylon lashes
  1. See how to apply your lashes here.
  2. Our lashes can last for up to 10 wears (if you treat them nicely).
  3. Don’t shower, swim, or sleep while wearing your lashes.
  4. Gently clean lashes with cotton swabs and oil-free makeup remover or micellar water.
  5. Glue and our Lash Tool are sold separately.
We want you to get your lashes just right…which is why we offer free shipping and a 45-day return window. Email and we’ll help sort things out!
Brown / Black